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Watch the video below to find out why Justin is running against Marsha Blackburn in Tennessee's 7th District.

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Congress’ approval rating is sitting at 20%. That means 4 out of 5 Americans feel like their representatives are failing them. In my eyes, the dissatisfaction comes from the disconnect between us and our representatives. They spend too much time listening to special interests, and not enough listening to the people who put them there.

I plan to be a new kind of congressman – one you can actually get hold of. One that listens to you. One that comes back and faces the music no matter how bad things get. Seeing Marsha Blackburn at that Town Hall in Fairview was eye-opening, especially when she went on CNN and lied to Wolf Blitzer, saying the people who were there to be heard didn’t actually live in her district, essentially calling them liars.

Things like that are why people don’t trust congress. Things like that have to stop. It’s time to really drain the swamp.


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