Our Data/Net Neutrality


I’m no Mr. Robot, but smarter people than me are saying that without net neutrality, Internet providers could make companies pay more to have access to an “Internet fast lane”, and giant companies would have a leg up.

Let’s keep the playing field level for everyone. Net neutrality preserves the regulatory scheme as it’s essentially been over the last couple decades, which even Justice Scalia agreed was a good idea. 

Guess who doesn’t? If you guessed Marsha Blackburn, you win a prize. She has spearheaded a deliberate strategy of obfuscation, wiping out our privacy protections while we’ve been distracted by the simultaneous attacks on health care and our planet.

As the Mercury News says:

Blackburn is no consumer advocate. She has accepted nearly $700,000 in campaign contributions from telecom companies. She calls net neutrality “socialistic”… Tech companies and consumer groups have to mobilize for this next threat to net neutrality — and they need to rally not only organized interests but average users of the internet.

Like they said, I wonder if getting over half a million dollars in contributions from telecom companies has anything to do with her thinking there? It’s time for congress to stop listening to special interests, and start prioritizing ours.

Silicon Valley is speaking out against their attack on Net Neutrality. Seems to me we’d be wise to heed their words.


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