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  • Special Interests Need Not Apply

  • Anything That Gets Money Out Of Politics, Yes Please

  • Down With The Electoral College

  • Make It Easier Not Harder To Vote 


When it comes to special interests, I'm not interested. I'd rather lose this race 100%-0% than compromise my integrity and not be able to look my kid, and yours, in the face.

I will never sell a vote. While Marsha Blackburn takes thousands from the Koch brothers, I won't even take their phone call.

In my opinion, special interest money is the root of much of our troubles. It's where politicians stop thinking about what's best for the people they represent, and start thinking about themselves and their re-election campaigns. On that note, I'm in favor of any reform that brings transparency to politics and limits the role of special interest money in it, especially overturning Citizens United and term limits for Congress, which have bipartisan support.

This administration didn't drain the swamp, it built a bigger one. This shouldn't sit well with any Americans. Corporations aren’t people, people are people. 

Bills like this one Rep. John Sarbanes put forth, the Government By The People Act, are on the right track, and I'd be open to discussing anything along these lines. It's time to reform our electoral system by removing money from politics, getting rid of the electoral college (the National Popular Vote Compact seems like a smart idea), and making election day a national holiday.

On that note, anything that makes it easier for Americans to vote, we should do it. Voter Suppression, which Republicans freely admit helps them win elections, is one of the most un-American things happening in this country. Minority voter disenfranchisement is a throwback to a time nobody should want to go back to.

The recent Supreme Court win in North Carolina that declared voter suppression tactics racist was a big victory, but the fight is still raging as people like Kris Kobach are try to purge as many voters as possible, mainly minorities with the cooperation and support of this administration under the guise of a voter fraud issue that simply doesn't exist.

PSA: If you only win when people don't vote, get better ideas. This kind of thing needs to be talked about, and pushed back against.







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    commented on Our Democracy/Special Interests 2018-10-19 17:20:52 -0500
    I agree with you on all of this. Voting machines need to go, they can easily be flipped. Paper ballots are much safer. All ballots should be secured until after all supervised recounts have been completed. No more “I don’t know what happened to 2 million ballots”. All voter suppression tactics should be made felonies. If we started jailing the offenders, you would see change sooner than later. Popular Vote for all elections. Public financing of elections.