Our Safety


I have family members who are NRA members. I support the 2nd Amendment. I'm not against gun ownership.

That said, I don't believe supporting the 2nd Amendment and enacting common sense gun safety laws are in conflict.

There are a lot of things I think we need to look at and do: permit to purchase, waiting periods, raising the age, universal background checks, closing the gun show loophole, keeping guns out of the hands of domestic abusers, yes stopping the sale of military grade assault rifles to civilians, limiting magazine sizes, enacting red flag intervention laws to make it easier to stop troubled people from possessing weapons, and letting the CDC study the issue for crying out loud. (ex-GOP rep. Dickey, who the amendment that keeps us from doing so is named after, regrets it... I'm very glad to see the most recent Omnibus addresses this issue).

This is a complex issue. I also believe there's a mental health aspect to this, and that instead of arming teachers we should be arming them with the knowledge of how to comprehensively handle mental health and behavior issues through training and bringing in experts. We have billions in title 2 funding the White House wants to cut, let's use that for this. It's a worthy investment.

I believe in securing our schools, but with more law enforcement, not teachers (I'm grateful for the SRO who stopped the killer in Maryland).

I also think there's something the media can do: Stop saying the names of the killers and plastering their pictures all over America. I stand with the Teves family, whose kids were killed in Aurora, in asking the media to do their part to remove a motivating factor from these killings: Fame.

We should be doing everything we can. The one thing we can't do is nothing. This shouldn’t be a partisan issue. I shouldn't be asking my 2 year old daughter's daycare if the windows are bulletproof.

Like many, i'm extremely frustrated with the NRA and their unwillingness to bend on any gun safety laws or to let the conversation progress, which is why I've taken a pledge not to take any NRA money (or any PAC money for that matter) - too many politicians have allowed themselves to be controlled by special interests. The NRA used to support common sense gun safety legislation. They've changed, now working over time with state legislatures like ours even to keep city mayors from protecting their citizens, and these students are right to call that for what it is.

Like Emma Gonzalez's mother said recently - it's great that we're behind these amazing students, but we should have been out in front of them. The time to act is now.

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