Our Schools


  • Don’t Slash Education Spending
  • Public Money for Public Schools
  • Train Kids for the Jobs of the Future
  • Ease the $1 Trillion+ Student Debt Burden
  • Don’t Slash Medicaid to Hurt Students with Disabilities/the Poor in Favor of Tax Cuts for the Richest

One big reason my wife and I are raising our daughter in Middle Tennessee, and Williamson County in particular, is because the public schools are great. But schools need resources to be great. We need to stop the deep cuts to education in this administration’s budget which would leave teachers without training and students without the attention they need, while cutting billions from Pell Grants, and literacy and after-school programs that serve the children who are the most at-risk. 

It also calls for major cuts to Medicaid, to the tune of $1.4 TRILLION over the next decade when combined with the health care bill, which would affect public schools, millions of poor and special needs students - after this president repeatedly promised not to do exactly that - while also passing a nearly $2 Trillion Tax Cut, primarily for the richest Americans.

This isn't putting people first. This isn't putting kids first. This is putting corporations and the wealthiest among us first under the guise of fiscal responsibility.

Slashing resources for special needs children hits home for me. My best friend Zev is on the autism spectrum, as you may have seen when we ran The Amazing Race together. Through the race we did some speaking engagements for Autism Speaks, and we were given the Hollyrod Champions Award by Holly Robinson Peete & Rodney Peete’s organization for raising awareness.

My wife Nicole is also a Board Certified Behavioral Analyst in the area, and works with kids with mental health and developmental disorders. She sees first-hand on a daily basis how limited the resources already are to help families of children with mental health issues. 

A HUGE priority of mine will be fighting for students with disabilities. 

As your representative I will do everything in my power to readjust those priorities by working to ensure our schools get the resources they need to hire and keep great teachers, invest in technology and modernized job-training programs, and reduce class sizes. I'd also support any legislation that helps college affordable and accessible to all Americans, and reduces the over $1 Trillion burden of student debt young Americans are currently facing.

If we want to rebuild our economy and encourage innovation, we need an educated, skilled workforce. Saddling students with debt is not only destructive to students’ futures, it also hurts our economy.

Lastly but most certainly not least, public money should stay in public schools. Betsy Devos is on a mission to push school vouchers as an alternative to public school funding, where money flows away from public schools into private, for-profit school coffers. That is not something I would get behind.

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