THE KANEW DEAL (to restore trust in government)

I hereby pledge to run my campaign for congress in TN7 on grassroots donations only, taking NO CORPORATE PAC MONEY.

To all other candidates around the country, from any party: PLEDGE TO JOIN ME, and I will add your name here.

To all voters around the country, from any party: SIGN THIS PLEDGE to support those who do. 


Who's signing

Here's one thing we can all agree on: Trust in congress is virtually nonexistent.

We no longer trust our elected officials to put our interests ahead of their own because we know too many of them are beholden to Big Corporations who they rely on for donations before they even get into office.

For corporations, it makes perfect sense - they exist to make money, and from a Return on Investment perspective, there’s no better investment than a United States politician. 

The game is rigged. So how do we un-rig it? By changing the players.

We need a new breed of politician- patriots willing to do the hard work of raising grassroots donations and getting into office without promising to do the bidding of corporate puppet masters when they get to D.C. 

I’m proposing a New Deal - deal between politicians and the people, to attempt to restore the trust between us and our representatives: We the candidates pledge to take NO CORPORATE PAC MONEY, and in return, you the people pledge to support candidates who take this pledge.

I'd call it The New Deal, but since FDR got to that first, I’m calling it: THE KANEW DEAL

Any candidate can take this pledge, from any party - just let us know and we'll add your name to this petition.

And any voter can pledge to support candidates who take this pledge by SIGNING YOUR NAME HERE.

It won’t be easy, but it isn’t impossible - it's vital to the survival of our democracy. Who's with me?

-Justin Kanew

Candidate For Congress in TN7

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Will you sign?

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