Why I'm Running


I'm a writer/producer running for congress in Tennessee's 7th District. I'm jumping in the fight because I'm the father of a 15-month-old baby girl and the husband of a great woman who as a Board Certified Behavioral Analyst fights for children with autism and mental health issues every day, and in this moment I feel we all need to do everything we can to keep our country and our community headed towards a brighter future. Middle Tennessee is a truly special place, with special people who deserve a representative willing to actually listen to them, and stand and fight for them, particularly when it comes to health care, education, family issues, and justice. 

I'm not a seasoned politician, and I know it's a steep climb, but as a two-time contestant on The Amazing Race with my best friend Zev - the only racer ever on the autism spectrum, who showed me the only failure in life is not trying - I've run races against long odds before. I wasn't raised here, but our children will be, and I want them to grow up knowing that some things are worth fighting for. 

This campaign isn't about Left vs. Right, it's about Right Vs. Wrong. Yes I'm running as a Democrat, but I hope when you get to know me you'll realize that "D" next to my name stands for "Decency" more than anything else, and that after 16 years of the same representative, It's Time For Something New.






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